This site is NOT authorized by U.S. Senator Joe Manchin!

The actual owner of submits the following defense:

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  1. This domain ( has been purchased by a registered West Virginia voter, who has no intention of profiting from its use.

  2. The domain was available on at the promotional price of $8.99 for a single year.

  3. Accurate contact information was provided to upon the registration of this domain.

  4. The domain is not being offered to any entity, and it is not for sale.

  5. The site is not intended to tarnish the reputation of Senator Manchin.

  6. Senator Manchin is a distinctive/famous entity, who may disapprove of the content of this site.

  7. Cybersquatting can be illegal, but some Senators approve of it as a fair, free-market tactic.

Senator Joe Manchin:

Are the lawmakers finally taking this seriously?!